CGEXCHANGE is a mix-exchange platform, is an experienced combination of a cryptocurrency exchange with a Fiat currency exchange (traditional currency exchange / Forex): it can support people on exchanging cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency, fiat currency to fiat currency, and cross-exchanging fiat currency to cryptocurrency (and vice versa).

Its features:

  • Low fees: 0.1% exchange fee, 0% withdrawal fee.
  • Auto-trade with any exchange order which has the same or lower exchange rates.
  • Easy trade - Easy exchange currency.
  • Multiple interfaces: you can easily access our currency exchange at anywhere, at any time from the web, or our android/iOS app.
  • Supports all major fiat currencies and all popular cryptocurrencies: CGEXCHANGE is integrating and supports all currencies in CGWALLET. But not only that because we always continue adding new Fiat currencies and new cryptocurrencies to CGWALLET and CGEXCHANGE.
  • High liquidity: CGEXCHANGE is closely integrating with CGPAY to exchange currency for people paying invoices/payments through CGPAY. When people is paying an invoice or a payment by a different currency through CGPAY

CGEXCHANGE is always available to meet your currency exchange needs!