Hello everyone, this is the explanation for the reason we created USD Wallet while it is not cryptocurrency:
1. Our main idea is removing border between traditional currencies with cryptocurrencies. In future, we will add more wallets for many types of traditional currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, etc...) and cryptocurrencies (CGM, BTC, ETC, LTC, etc...) and push them to our trading floor so people can exchange between traditional currencies with traditional currencies, or traditional currencies with cryptocurrencies, or cryptocurrencies with cryptocurrencies.
2. At this time, USD Wallet only uses for deposit money to buy CGM when ICO. But in future, it can do more. Not only use for exchange with other currencies on our trading floor, it can be also integrated into your website to accept payment by USD.
3. And what you will do when you have money in USD wallet or other traditional wallets? This is a good question. And our answer that you will not only using them for exchange with cryptocurrencies, you can also use them for withdrawal to cash or paying by our debit card when it released.
4. We also have ideas to create other services, games, lottery, etc... which can use money in all traditional wallets and cryptocurrencies wallets for payment!

This is why we call that we are doing a revolution to change the way of current global-payment. These are very meaningful things, right?

And our affiliate program is guaranteed that people will earn lifetime commissions for all money which their referrals using in our system (even from the trading fee, payment fee, service fee, etc...). So why not join today, shares and create your million-people network with us?