[NOTICES] JUN-07, 2020:


Hello all member,

We are really sorry for the long response. After compared the revised result re-exported from the airdrop bot @ClickGemAirdropBot with the information submitted by members through Google form, we see that our results this time are correct. The number of valid members to receive airdrop reward is 7272. However, we can't distribute the airdrop rewards right now because our activity budget has temporarily run out, we have not enough money to pay the distribution fees and continue the daily events in CGCASINO. This problem because our only investor had stopped sponsoring our project since April (his business damaged a lot by COVID-19 pandemic). And the remaining budget is only enough for us to run until end of this May. However, please don't worry a lot about the status of the project, this difficult time is only temporary. All members of our team are trying to keep the project alive and solve this problem ASAP, in these ways:

- Restructure the activity cost: our system has temporarily moved from the cloud to physical servers to reduce cost (its performance will reduce but only temporary). And our staff agreed to continue work with no salary (temporarily), they are always great volunteers.

- Find other financial sources: our team is selling some parts in our game product and continue working with other investors. We found 2 potential customers and currently in the price discussion stage. We also found 3 new potential investors in the EU, each of them agreed to invest 200,000 USD. We only have to wait for the recuperation of international flights to go meet them face-to-face, sign the contract, and receive new investments from them.

So, we only require you to continue patience and give us more time, every wait will be compensated enough. Thanks for your cooperation.

During this waiting time, we hope you will continue support by keep playing in our gambling platform:

Play & Download: https://www.cgcasino.vip

Demo video: https://youtu.be/Bwxo4IKYmbI

Instruction for iOS app installation: https://youtu.be/CdcUVamtqyE

Detail about CGCASINO.VIP platform: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5219483

Detail about sharing economy model: https://www.cgfund.app

Project website: https://www.clickgem.com

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