[NOTICES] MAY-21, 2020:


1. Our big maintenance has just been completed this morning. Now you can play in CGCASINO.VIP and use all other ClickGem services normally.

2. Our CGCASINO.VIP's dev team has just completed the development of the iOS app and rebuilt the android app (for faster loading resources).

- For download and install the iOS app, please follow the instruction in this video https://youtu.be/CdcUVamtqyE and its description;

- For download and install the new android app, please uninstall the old app in your device, download and reinstall the new app in our website www.cgcasino.vip or www.cgcasino.app;

3. About the airdrop distribution to members completed marketing tasks with @ClickGemAirdropBot, we decided to postpone the distribution immediately because many people complain about the wrong wallet address problem. After investigated with our airdrop partner AirdropDetective (who made the airdrop bot), we found a mistake of the bot when exporting the distribution report and fixed it. We believe that the revised distribution list this time has the correct information, but we will not publish it publicly because we also received many complaints about member's privacy. Instead of that, we made this form https://forms.gle/2KAUbhBR5NxxoS1z8 to collect information from some members (who completed airdrop tasks) within a week to do a random comparison for verifying the revised report is accurate before doing the official distribution. After 28/5, we will start the distribution with the revised distribution list. Any member who cooperates with us for verifying the revised distribution report by submitting this form with the correct information (which provided to @ClickGemAirdropBot) will receive an additional reward is 20000 CGMT.