ClickGem & PlayRoyal are officially announcing their partnership with the purpose to grow the global cryptocurrency gambling community. Through 10 years, we have been seeing the growing strongly of cryptocurrency and its impact to the global finance market. From exchange cryptocurrency to payment using cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency is slowly changing the way people using money. And now, with the ever more complete development of technologies, we are able to use cryptocurrency more in every aspect of our life: fintech, utility, entertainment, etc... Have the same idea, ClickGem & PlayRoyal decided to join a partnership, using their strong gambling platforms to bring more ways to people for gambling with cryptocurrency. From that grow and expand their general community to a global scale.

To congratulate this partnership, ClickGem will airdrop bulk amounts of CGMT to people in both communities:

? 100 million CGMT to 2000 people (50,000 each person) signup playroyal.com using our referral link https://bit.ly/2UQNh6Y (require to complete simple tasks on playroyal.com)

? 200 million CGMT to the top 2000 loyally players on playroyal.com

** Airdrop will be distributed by PlayRoyal's bot/team.

After airdrop (2 weeks promotion), ClickGem Token - CGMT will be listed officially on PlayRoyal's platform at www.playroyal.com

Token information: https://etherscan.io/token/0x84f43821c73da781a7c440c3ca1a50e1013f7219

CGMT is also tradable on STEX.COM


Play Royal is the world's first cryptocurrency exchange & casino. Play Royal has created a casino environment where projects partner and list their tokens as playable on a number of casino games, as well as on the exchange.

Play Royal was built from the ground up by talented team. The platform was created with user experience and speed in mind, making it one of the fastest and smoothest casino or exchange. Some features unique to Play Royal are:

? Casino & exchange hybrid system.

? Automatically earn RWD Token for playing any game, or by holding PLAY Token, the house currency.

? Hold RWD to share in exchange fees distributed weekly.

? Burn RWD to share in casino profits distributed daily.

? Real-time competition tracking system.

? Automated airdrop system.

? Generous referral system.

Number Of Bets: 29,000,000+

USD Won Since Launch: $31,000,000+

Monthly Users: 22,000+

Monthly Sessions: 60,000+

Monthly Pageviews: 450,000+

Month on Month increase: 35%

User Registrations Per Month: 4,000+

Top playing countries:

United States: 16%

Indonesia: 14%

Russia: 4.5%

United Kingdom: 4.5%

Turkey: 3.5%

More information & Join play: www.playroyal.com


ClickGem Project is developing the "finance - entertainment - utility" ecosystem for both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

ClickGem Casino (CGCASINO.VIP) is an advanced cryptocurrency gambling platform with AI technology and great sharing economy model.

CGCASINO.VIP's features:

? P2P Gambling Platform: totally fair

? Cryptocurrency Payments: no border and no limitation

? Great Sharing Economy model: profitable for everyone

? Licensed Gambling Platform: totally safe

? Multi-device Gambling Platform: convenient for playing at any place

? Cloud-based Gambling Platform: no limitation on scaling

? AI-integrated: totally automation

? Multi-nationality Gambling Platform: compatible with gamblers in many different countries

? Multi-prize Gambling Platform: please the most demanding gamblers

More detail: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5219483

Demo video: https://youtu.be/3yRi73ePlZw

Join play: www.cgcasino.vip (HTML5 & Android APP released, iOS APP launching soon)

Sharing economy model: www.cgfund.app

Project website: www.clickgem.com

ClickGem is currently running many airdrop & bounty programs for growing community, please follow our Telegram channel (@clickgem) and community (@clickgemcommunity) to know more.