Partnership Program

This program applied for every blockchain project!

  • Your benefits when become our partner:
    • Wallet supports:
      • We will add your coin/token to our multi-currency wallet system. We have already wallet on the web, wallet app for Android and iOS will be launched later.
      • We will maintain a node for your blockchain in a private dedicated server which has full-security configuration, high-speed CPU & internet, high bandwidth and only use to host a node for your coin/token.
      • Our wallet for your coin/token is cold wallet and applied many different security technologies to protect your coin/token holders.
      • Our fees: we charge every coin/token holder 0.1% fee per transaction from our wallet, excludes blockchain fee. No fee for deposit.
    • Market & Liquidity supports:
      • We will create the market for your coin/token in our P2P currency exchanges. We will pair your coin/token with:
        • Fiat currencies: USD, EUR. Other fiat currencies will be continuing paired in future when we have more local bank accounts.
        • Crypto currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, CGM. Other crypto currencies will be continuing paired in future when we have more partners.
      • You and every coin/token holders can sell or buy your coin/token in this market.
      • Optional: We can custom for you a module to control maximum selling price and minimum selling price for each pair of your market base on your official selling price (for stabilizing your market price).
      • You or your coin/token holders can also use our invoicing system, our payment gateway, our payment API for collecting payments through email, at any website, and any application/software with your coin/token or any currency which supported in our system.
      • Especially: When we start providing payment services to e-commerce websites, B2B/B2C systems, mobile payment applications, local stores, supermarkets, etc... and formed a global payment and remittance system, your coin/token will be a currency which accepted in this whole network. Your liquidity always increases and expand to every corner of the world with our development.
      • Our fees: we charge 0.1% from every buyers (from currency they paid) and 0.1% from every sellers (from currency they receive).
    • Ecosystem supports: ClickGem ecosystem has a lot of useful applications for real life, we always developing and never stop expanding our ecosystem to every corner of the world. The ClickGem ecosystem will be also your ecosystem if joined our partnership program. For example, our casino/lottery application will support users to play with all currencies they having in their ClickGem multi-currency wallet, they can also play with your cryptocurrency if it has been added to our multi-currency wallet!
    • APIs & Technical supports: We will also support you to sell your coin/token in your website directly using our paygate API (people no need to logged in to our currency exchange market for buying your coin/token, they can pay with all currencies we paired with your coin/token, payment will arrive into your wallet in our multi-currency wallet system).
    • Marketing & PR supports:
      • When joined our partnership program, we will:
        • Add your logo to our partners list on our website, marketing materials.
        • Publish articles on our website (about 100K monthly visitors), our social channels (about 40K global followers) to announce about the partnership.
        • Send newsletter by email to our registered users (over 80K email addresses) and our marketing mailing list to announce about the partnership.
      • Regularly, we will run our general marketing campaigns. It will also bring some results to you.
      • Optional: We can run special marketing campaigns or events upon your request.
    • Advisory supports: If the partnership is going well
      • We can introduce you to our strategic partners: trusted marketing agencies, fiat exchanges, crypto exchanges, venture capital, crypto hedge funds, etc…
      • We will advise you with all experiences, all lessons we achieved when running an IT startup.
    • Profit sharing: We have made a super affiliate system for sharing huge commissions (up to 50% from our profit) to our partners when the referred users (from their communities) using any ClickGem's service by any currency.
      • Bronze partner: 30% commissions;
      • Silver partner: 40% commissions;
      • Gold partner: 50% commissions.
  • Our conditions:
    • Your project has a clear idea and a specific business model.
    • Your product/application has been worked already or launched in alpha/beta version (has a demo/trial version for users).
    • Your community has at least 5000 people (followers or registered users).
    • You have to add our logo to the partner list on your website, marketing materials (if have).
    • You have to publish articles on your website/blog, your social channels to announce about the partnership.
    • You have to send a newsletter by email to your registered users and your marketing mailing list (if have) to announce about the partnership.
    • You have to announce on your website that our currency exchange market is one of your official channels for selling your coin/token.
    • You have to pair your coin/token with our coin (CGM) with a fixed exchange rate. You can exchange our coin back to your coin/token (with us) when we owned an amount of your coin/token. This is a way for creating liquidity and stabilizing the market price for both sides.
  • Our slogan: Support each other - Develop together - Share benefits
  • Promotions:
    • We will set-up free and offer incentive monthly price for maintaining node for the first 10 projects/companies joined our partnership program.
    • We discount 50% of the fee for every transactions paired with our coin (CGM).