Hello everyone, because of the problem with BitConnect and many other lending platforms, many people thinking that Lending platform is a scam. So we need to say something:

1. The lending platform is not a scam, this is a kind of business, but it is really gamble and high risks. Let think like this: Mr. A has money, but not professional with trading, so he finds another person is Mr. B who is professional with trading then give his money to Mr. B; Mr. B will do trading then share profit with Mr. A; however, Mr. B need to pay Mr. A a minimum profit even he failed in trading; this is lending platform. Because cryptocurrency market in few months until now not good (only down) so many projects failed because haven't enough money to pay profit when they failed in trading in a long time.

2. Many MLM projects using the lending platform as a tool for a scam. They don't use the money for trading, they only use this to pay profit for people who join to their network, and they will fail when haven't more people join to their network, it called Ponzi scam. A general point of Ponzi projects is paying a stable interest every day (in fact they can't win every trades)...

3. Because of the problem with cryptocurrency market at this time, our team is thinking to stop the lending program or change it to another program which is fewer risks for both of investors and this project. We will create a poll to ask community when having more people to take the final decision!

Please note ClickGem is a true project. We are not MLM, not Ponzi project! After ICO, we will create multiple features which can apply our cryptocurrency!