Hello everyone,

We are glad to inform that: now all people can download Linux version of CGM wallet. With this wallet, you can keep CGM in your private computer and start mining CGM (solo mining). Also, transactions through this wallet are not under our control, it is totally yours!

We have sent the download link of CGM wallet (Linux version) to you by email! If didn't receive our email, don't worry, you can download the latest version of our wallet at here: https://www.clickgem.com/download.html (Ubuntu 16.04 is recommended OS run our Linux wallet, other Linux OS may need to install additional libraries).

CGM Linux wallet is running independently with your Web wallet! You can not sync Web wallet with Linux wallet but you can transfer CGM from Web wallet to Linux wallet.

Open port 6261 and keep Linux wallet running with your PC to start solo mining CGM! (It will stop mining when you close wallet software or power off your PC)